Saturday, February 21, 2009

Framing the doors - our stain recipe

Framing out the doors is in process. We think that our cheapie pine, carefully grooved, sanded and stained, looks like reclaimed wood. The secret is pre-stain conditioner, and MinWax "PolyShades."

We first apply a coat of "Classic Oak" which is very light and seals the grain. Then we mix 50/50 "Oak" with "Antique Walnut" which makes the nice dark line in the grooves.

With light sanding between each coat, the third layer is "Pecan" which gives a kiss of honey at the end.

Baby helps nail trim on the porch, ready for exterior lights on the posts flanking the soon-to-be screen doors. He's amazingly accurate, yet he still needs more strength to make his tap-tap-tap move a nail. He is slightly irritated when he hits the nail repeatedly, yet it does not go in: "That's not how it is supposed to work! I see everyone else making the nails disappear! Ewee, aggghh!"