Monday, September 15, 2008

Kitchen Floor Plan

What counter top to choose?

The floor plan of the kitchen indicates approx 18-19 linear feet of counter around the periphery, and a 3' x 5' island in the middle. The counter top needs to be cut to fit around the posts shown on the wall with the kitchen sink. We will probably create a back splash with wall tiles.

The range is a freestanding oven. To the right of the fridge is a pantry.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Electrical wiring going in

The electricians have been busy this week pulling wire. They have been very careful with the wood, taping around everything to avoid dings and scratches. The boss man told them to take their time, "Once these walls go up, there is no easy way to remedy any mistakes. We've got to get this right the first time."

We keep finding places for them to add accent lighting. They just love us. Here's the gable end with fluorescents in the gap behind the collar tie. Ooh, aah....

Framing bedroom closet

We brought the laptop to the building site so that we could study the pex tubing in the slab before drilling holes for framing the bedroom closets. The last thing we want is a water feature when we first crank up the under floor radiant heat this winter.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Thinking about tiles

We're trying out different tiles, planning to tile the whole house. We like deeper tones to provide contrast with all the wood in the house.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Chain Saw Milling

We started milling the trees that were struck by lightning. The pines are straight and hard. Should make nice planks. What will we do with the wood? Don't know, but it seems a shame to waste such gorgeous lumber.

Air conditioning duct

We're testing out the air conditioning duct to see where it should go, trying to place it to avoid looming. So far, it seems obtrusive wherever it is. The AC man swears that if you put it in the right place, "It just disappears." Yeah, well, keep trying.

Labor Day - Sept 2008

Ooh, an extra day to get some work done. We put tongue and groove on interior walls. It's amazing just how much custom cuts slow you down. We boxed in the plumbing vent pipe and sheathed the twin closets that flank the built in desk in the living area.