Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Florida Building Code: A Rude Awakening

Our enthusiasm increased as we finalized the plans with David and John, but our first trip to the Department of Growth Management in June 2006 was not positive. They needed more extensive plans in order to meet Florida Building Codes. We would spend the next 16 months working with Florida engineers to create plans that would be awarded a building permit.

Fortunately we could continue to work on the land as a remedy to our frustrations.

Fun while Clearing the Land: 2006

The land clearing was hard work but good fun. The boys love the wildlife. We love an excuse to celebrate with friends and enjoy the changing landscape.

Clearing the Land: January - Sept 2006

After our return from New Hampshire, we immediately set to work clearing the land. We took out the first trees ourselves, and hired Mr Wolfe and his excavator to take out the really big stuff. We milled the good wood with our chainsaw mill to use for accent pieces and furniture.

Road Trip to New Hampshire: January 2005

In late 2004, we decided to build a house on our five acres in Gainesville, Florida. While searching for building options, we found David Howard and First Day. The simplicity of design and quality construction materials appealed to us, so further investigation was in order. A northern expedition was launched, supplies were collected, and in January 2005 the Kiker four jumped into the Brown's adventure van for a 25-hour drive through night and day to Walpole, New Hampshire.

We liked what we saw. John Hyslop and David and Pam Howard were most hospitable, accommodating, and charming. We put down our deposit for a cottage and snow-plowed our way back to Florida.