Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cycling gear

One significant criteria for our decision to build on Kiker family
land was the superb cycling commute it offers into town, largely on
the rails-to-trails bike path for non-motorized vehicles only.
Fortunately in Florida, we do not have to brave ice and snow, only
rain from time to time. Here is our stalwart commuter ready for a wet

Future First Day Builders

Future craftsmen study their reading, writing, and arithmetic. The
smallest family member gets a head start from individual tutoring
offered by his big brother.

Long leaf pine

The boys have been nurturing this baby long leaf pine that sprouted
last year. They found the seedling, marked the spot, and have
protected the sapling which is now taller than they are. Mom and Dad
feel that it encroaches upon the garden area, but sentimental
attachment to the tree may mean that it will remain.

Garden prep

Getting the ground ready for a vegetable garden. Fencing to begin soon.