Friday, October 28, 2011

Working with Granddad

The best part of building a house with three generations is working
with Granddad, especially one that inspires boys to learn, to
experiment, to fail, to persevere, and to succeed.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Commemorating the slab

We each imprinted our initials and handprints into the hardening cement.

Moving cement

Getting the cement in the right places. The "outhouse" in the
background houses the hot water heater which will move into a corner
of the new shed.

Workshop slab

Pouring the slab for a workshop on the west end of the house. We miss
Mr. Jones, our concrete man who took good care of us during each stage
of our building project. He introduced us to all the subs worth
knowing and made regular visits to the building site to ensure that we
were doing quality work. We tried our best without him today,
remembering to follow the good example that he provided.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Still working on the front entrance

We've collected granite remnants for weeks now and are making steady
progress on the front entrance drive and walk. Notice the low-slung,
dry-stack wall that extends along the driveway, separating the drive
from a flower bed. The wall curves along the boxwood hedge, pointing
the way to the front walk.

Autumn Aloes

Sun streams through the bright orange aloe blossoms on a clear, fall
morning. This is the reward for a long, hot summer.

Mosaic step complete

Welcome! Can you make out the pebble toes?

Mosaic elephant

Why an elephant? Remember that our home is a Florida Cracker African
Bush Camp. And since Daddy does research on these mega-herbivores in
South Africa, it makes sense to have the grand beast stand guard over
our coming and going.

Beginning the front step

An elephant taking shape. Tiling prep for a mosaic on the front step.
We're using quarry tile graded for exterior use to withstand the