Saturday, January 16, 2016

Winter rye

Our Mom is eccentric--that is a nice word for weird. She told us that we did not need to buy her a Christmas gift; she had ordered it herself and it was being delivered. What could it be?

Huh?! Top soil for the front yard?

And our gift to her? Spreading the top soil and sowing it with winter rye. Awww, Mom, can't we just go shopping?!

We feel we must serve notice to our future wives that if we are socially crippled when it comes to showing our love through gifts of romance or beauty, we have only our mother to blame.

But look, it did become a gift of beauty! A magnificent transformation made possible by the tremendous energy contained in the humble rye seed ignited by water and sunlight. Thank you to the Kiker boys in partnership with God's green earth for this most brilliant gift. Mom loves it.

It's like a green shag rug for your yard...haut retro style out here in the backwoods.