Monday, July 21, 2008

Wood prep

We are staining and painting the ship lap exterior siding on the ground. We've already sprayed the wood with borate, and are now oiling the back and sides with Chevron Shingle Oil mixed with M-1 (a mildewcide, "proven to be the world's finest & most effective additive by the US Navy" yeah, that sounds a little scary to us too, but all advice points to M-1; however, it's caustic so application should be done with caution--the boys in the picture are applying plain latex paint!).

After the back side is protected with the shingle oil, the rough side of the ship lap gets the stain: Benjamin Moore's "Stonehedge" opaque stain mixed 50/50 with the shingle oil. This is an ubiquitous Florida color that blends nicely with our indigenous landscapes.